Friday, April 2, 2010

Harumika is awesome

We recommend you at least try Harumika. You can start out easy, like we did. At toys r us they have small starter sets in different styles that you can try.


You should try Harumika because it is very fun.
So please try!!!

I love my fans.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


i am bored, sorry we haven't been posting about actual harumika for a while, but when we are ready, we will, don't stop reading, seriously.......


i found out how 2 put the video on:

Video reference

Hey peoples! Ok, i hate it when people say that, now i'm catching on. Ok, i will get on topic now. i wanted to tell al you PEOPLE (no s) that if you have any themes you want lauren and i to try, we will!!!

ps, i made a video to tell you this but i couldn't get a link to it on the post, sorry!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Travel Across the Globe

Today, we wanted to something no others would think of. We thought and thought, and then I, Lauren said, "How about we make 3 Indian-themed dresses!" We agreed and came up with these creations:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Summer Fashions

When the days get hot, you know it's summer.
So thats why we created a Harumika summer fashion.
We didn't take any photos this time, because we wanted you to imagine what sommer might look like on these manikins.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out to dinner

These designs were just something I, Marina, filled in my boredom with. These three looks are to sport out to dinner. The first outfit, is meant for elegant dinners, and the other two are for casual-elegant and casual.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


At the toy store these days, Harumika has opened a new product. Full bodied manikins. This allows users to make pants with the lock-in slots on the legs, and the arms, legs, hair, and eyes make the outfit you create more lifelike, and we are excited to get one soon! Here is a link to a video previewing it.

Wedding Galore

This blog post is wedding galore so you can see two bride's maids and a beautiful bride.
Our inspiration to do this project was the collectors edition Harumika bridal set.
The two bride's maids were made by Lauren and the bride was made by Marina.

National Ballroom

Our first specific style is ballroom, and let us say it is our favourite subject. In these pictures you can see Indian style ballroom, modern ballroom, and classic ballroom. It is something you can't imagine in your head! You have to look at it to believe it!


Hello one and all!!
The purpose of this new blog is to express our new interest in Harumika fashions.
If you don't know what Harumika is, it is a new TOYS 'R US thing where you start out with at mini-scale plastic model with no arms, legs, or head. On their back they each have a little slot that is a passage to their hollow backs, and that has a rubber slot on it where the small pieces of fabric are nestled.

Harumika is a company that has probably just started recently, for I we have never seen it before. This Blog will be our way (Lauren and Marina) of showing and expressing our day-to-day fashion statements. Comment and Enjoy!!!